Camí de Cavalls

If you live on the island you'll have heard that recently much of the Camí de Cavalls has been made transitable. The Cami de Cavalls is a network of historic paths that circle the island by the coast - originally with a strategic defence function. Its recent history has also seen conflict: with some sections of the route being blocked by landowners not recognising the right of way. This has lead to conflict in the paths themselves and in the courts over several decades.

This was the situation when I arrived - with my bike - on the island 10 years ago. There were sections of the path where you could happily pass, other sections where you could pass if you didn't bump into the wrong person, and sections that had been blocked for so long, and were so overgrown, that you couldn't pass even if you knew the family and had a chainsaw handy. I've been chased by tractor, shouted at by a mad bloke with a shotgun (in front of his family too, nice man), friendlyly told that I can't pass, and (more commonly) acknowledged with a 'Bon día' on my various excursiones on the path 

And getting to the point the situation now has changed totally. The camí is now more open than ever (or more open than it has been for a long time) and you can walk cycle or ride it in its entirety. It is so well signposted you don't need a map, the vegetation even in the previously difficult to pass areas has been cleared, gates have been replaced. The result is that you can happily transit any section of the path (without worrying about mad blokes with guns).

So overall a very positive change for the island.

Attached are a couple of GPS routes - you'll need to open them with Google Earth.

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