Son Bou is the longest beach in Minorca with white sand stretching for several kilometres. It is popular and the developed end of the beach becomes busy in summer, but if you are prepared to walk you can escape the crowds even at peak times. The corner at the very end of the beach is called Talis (and beyond here you get to Santa Tomas). Behind the beach is a wetland area which empties into a duckpond just beyond the main carpark.

Son Bou is a good beach for watersports in general and has swimming zones patrolled by lifeguards in summer.

There is a small beach next to the developed side of the bay and a much longer beach further round with access via a wooden walkway (or by clambering over the rocks). The main beach is sandy and backed by dunes and although well used rarely gets overly crowded. In the summer months there is a lifeguard service and there are eating places and supermarkets in the Playas de Fornells urbanisation. The beach is fine for swimming but care should be taken with currents when there are waves.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are popular on stronger wind days.

An unspoilt beach with thick yellow sand. On calmer days the rocks in the centre of the bay are a great place for snorkelling and the fish life is unusually tolerant of being observed. It is fine for swimming if the sea is flat but there can be quite strong currents if it is wavey. With northerly winds it is likely to be wavey as the bay is very exposed. Sometimes the waves are reasonable for surfing.

Easy access means this beach gets quite busy in the summer. The coastal walk towards Cala Mica (west) is very pleasant.

A small inlet type bay. Picturesque and unspoilt. You are unlikely to find this beach busy, and may even find yourselves alone, although in summer there may well be visitors who have arrived by boat. The beach is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

A very attractive beach set in pine forest with an extensive dune system behind the beach. It is quite a big bay with lots of white sand. It is completely untouched with no facilities. Ideal for swimming.

A nice undeveloped beach with easy access. Expect it to get quite busy at peak times. The beach is typical of many on the south coast with fine white sand and crystal clear water. The attractive pine forest along the coast and behind the beach provides welcome shade in summer. There are information boards which tell you about the area and the ecosystems it supports, but few facilities as such. The beach is safe for swimming or snorkelling but there are no other watersports on offer.

An open bay with boulders forming the beach, a steep hill on one side and a flat plane (sometimes with a few cows) behind. The impressive scale of the surroundings makes this feel quite a special place. The beach has no sand at all.

A nice sandy beach. Totally unspoilt and nice for swimming. Despite the walk this is still a popular beach so don't be surprised to see other people. There are some cave-like dwellings overlooking the beach.