Sa Cova d'es Coloms

General information

This is a great cave for anyone not really into caves. It is always a nice walk trying to find it - with nice smells of vegetation in the gorges as you walk up or down the paths - and it is dry, spacious and really quite pleasant inside. The shade can also be very welcome in the summer.

Without wishing to spoil it too much the cave has a fairly small entrance leading to a large cavern. It is quite spectacular and well worth a visit.


The shorter route is from Es Migjorn. Setting off on foot on the road that goes past the cemetary you will find a footpath on the left after about 1km. The path has some sort of sign indicating 'cova' (cave). Once on this path you need to keep looking out for the paint on the rocks and follow any relevant signs. The vegetation is pretty dense so missing a turning is quite easy. About 30 minutes walk from the cemetary.

Alternatively you can set off from the beach at Sant Tomas. Walk past the island to Binigaus and behind this beach you will find a footpath heading inland. After about 200m the path forks: be sure to take the right fork. Again, be on the lookout for signs on the rocks that will direct you to the cova.

39° 55' 57.8388" N, 4° 2' 19.4388" E

Additional information

Getting lost. Easy to do despite the signs on the rocks! The cave itself isn't at all dangerous.You certainly don't need a helmet or any special gear.