Addaia Islands and saltings

General information

Officially the Illa Petita d'Addaia and the Illa Gran d'Addaia. It won't usually take that long to get round these islands. If it is nice and flat you could explore further along the coast westwards where there are a number of very pretty beaches with no public access over land. Usually a bit choppy outside the islands but calm inside. There is a beach to land on the side facing Addaia.

You also might want to head inland towards the saltings. Very peaceful up here and probably mirror calm. Excellent for bird life.

Lots of options around the Addaia area and a nice area to explore. Ideal for beginners or nervous paddleboarders if you head inland. 


Na Macaret is a charming little place with a quiet beach in the middle of 'town'. Easy launching from here and parking in the square. Plus coffee and lunch all at hand.

An alternative is to launch from near the martello (style) tower at Addaia - next to this is a cut through to the water's edge. Or head past here and park on the promentary. There is a path next to end house that leads to an easy launch site.

40° 1' 2.9892" N, 4° 12' 36.2916" E

Additional information

Pleasant and varied options. Can easily keep to flat water if that is wanted so can be a good option for beginners.