Isla d'es Bledes

General information

Isla d'es Bledes is quite a spectacular little island just under 3km paddle from Binimel·là - which is the nearest coastal access you can easily drive to. It is an along the coast paddle so not too intimidating although the island itself has high cliffs. The gap between the island and the north coast is a great place for snorkelling. I've always seen a great variety of fish here including large shoals of barracuda.

If you want to land on the island it is a bit of a scramble - be prepared to improvise. Views from the top are well worth it.

On the way out (or back) from the island you should consider cutting in to take a closer look at Pregonda. This is a very attractive beach and there is a fun jump into a deep pool from the cluster of rocks in the middle of the bay. Not super high - but high enough to take seriously. Pregonda gets fairly busy (considering it is quite a hike to get here) but once past Pregonda (towards Bledes) it will be quieter.

This is one of my favourite paddleboard routes on the island. Choose a calm day as it is exposed to most winds and all swell directions except south. If there are any waves then Binimel·là itself is a  fun spot with quite soft waves.


At the 'dancing ladies' roundabout (3km south of Fornells) take the Tramontana road. Continue past Cala Tirant and Cavalleria turnings. Binimel·là beach is signposted next. There is a dusty track that goes on for about 1.5km and leads to ample parking behind the beach. Go early (or late) for a parking spot nearer the sea if you wish to avoid a longer walk.

40° 4' 4.5012" N, 4° 1' 53.2812" E

Additional information

The normal. This is a moderately challenging paddle about (6km) in open water. Landing on the island is rocky. Jumping into water is potentially a silly thing to do etcetera.

Great snorkelling. Take a mask and tube. Careful of boat traffic though - stay seen in the water!

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