Punta Prima / Illa d'Aire

General information

There are plenty of days that Punta Prima gets decent waves for surfing and especially paddleboarding. The beach can work and also out towards the point on the left. You'll usually have company but there is always a pleasant vibe in the water.

On flat days consider a paddle around the Island. It is a fair way out crossing the channel is quite exposed so pick your day carefully and be careful about any boats coming through. Fishing boats and pleasure craft head through at speed.

The island has easy landing on the inshore side and a good path leading to the lighthouse. Worth a visit. There are lots of lizards on the island which are very tame.

Once close to the island paddling around is no big deal. There are a few caves on the outside and rocks / low cliff. It is an enjoyable outing to go round the island and Punta Prima is a nice place for coffee / lunch after your exertions.


Park on the seafront at Punta Prima.

39° 48' 5.2848" N, 4° 17' 28.2876" E

Additional information

Pictures are from a day that is more of a windsurfing day! I paddled round the island on a nice flat day. Go early before any thermal breezes develop as the channel seems quite wide in a breeze!