General information

Port Addaia works with northerlies and is an interesting alternative to Fornells. The water is very flat which makes it a good spot for freestyle. On the days with strong tramontana (northerlies) a small wave wraps around the island and provides some good ramps, although water depth behind the island is limited. If you sail towards the outside island you'll find bigger waves although these can be dangerous and the rocks are sharp!


Head straight through Addaia. Just keep going down the main road, past all the shops and restaurants, until you get to the end. Follow the path just past the end house to get down to the launch area.

40° 0' 46.098" N, 4° 12' 9.1764" E

Additional information

Very safe generally but beware shallow water, especially behind the island. The big waves outside the normal sailing area break onto very sharp rocks.