Cala Tirant

General information

Cala Tirant is the most reliable wave sailing location on the island, and offers a very different setup to most spots. There are various different areas that can be sailed. Depending on the day it can be fun but it can also be a demanding place to sail with big destructive waves. Tirant is sailed with winds from mistral (northwest) to gregal (northeast), which are very onshore winds. The big waves break far out away from the beach before reforming. These are often good for jumping or riding when you sail in the middle of the bay; but care should be taken when you cross from here towards the far shore as waves breaking here can take you straight to the rocks. Once past this section sometimes you can surf frontside (forced!) with the waves that break along the boulder strewn shore. Depending on the day it will be better for jumps on port or starboard tack.


Launching from the beach can be very difficult on a big swell and the waves breaking here close out and make short work of breaking your equipment. Further up the bay there are other and better options. On the built up side, 500m north of the main beach access, is a small parking area at the top of a gulley and you may find people heading out from here. The locals tend to head out from "Es Codolar" which is a similar distance out from the beach but on the other (west) side of the bay.

40° 2' 53.3508" N, 4° 6' 16.542" E

Additional information

Careful with the waves which can be real bombs on big days and be very wary about closeout sets when you are passing in front of the rocks. Study the area carefully and talk with the locals before heading out. On big days consider the alternatives. Definitely an experts spot only. There has been a lot of damaged equipment and a few scary situations here over the years.