Fornells (and Ses Salines)

General information

The bay of Fornells offers a lot of space and security for windsurfers. The narrow entrance to the sea keeps the water state flat (although in strong Tramontana winds a half-metre sized chop can build). The bay can be sailed in almost all wind directions:


  • Tramontana (north) - sideshore - the most reliable wind and at times very strong. refreshing in summer, a bit cold in winter.
  • Gregal (northeast) - side-on - a bit gustier than the straight northerlies.
  • Llevante (east) - onshore - a typical summer thermal wind. Very often it will be better in Fornells than in Ses Salines, there are even some days when there will be planing wind in Fornells and the flags won't even be moving in Ses Salines.
  • Xaloc (southeast) - not the best direction but decent enough for freeriding. If the wind strengthens it will tend to swing to the south.
  • Migjorn (south) - a warm wind that can be stronger than it seems. Normally Fornells bay is the best place to sail in this direction in the whole island. In summer there are sometimes southerly thermals.
  • Llebeig (southwest) - cross-offshore - although the wind is offshore in the south of the bay it is fine for windsurfing, and the surroundings are very attractive. Sailing from Ses Salines the wind kicks in about 200m from the beach.
  • Ponent (west) - directly offshore - the only really bad direction - don't bother.
  • Mistral (northwest) - in summer there is sometimes a thermal that comes in from this direction strong enough for decent freeride windsurfing. The northwest part of the bay has the strongest and cleanest wind. Strong Tramontanas can also come in from this direction.


Most windsurfing is from Ses Salines, though launching from Fornells is also possible.

40° 2' 28.6692" N, 4° 7' 44.8356" E

Additional information

The water can get quite busy in the summer with all sorts of craft and not everyone is in control, or aware of other water users...